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Free Billing Software

Billing4 psych offers free billing software to simplify operations of mental health service providers. We all effort to bring customized billing solutions to the changing needs of the customers, so are our free billing software. Our mental health billing services software is configured to make your practice easy. Our psychotherapy billing software is embossed with the features like patient scheduling reminders aiming to keep track of patient treatment schedule for them. Integrated workflow on the software automates journey of the patient right from appointment reminders to the patients to revenue cycle management. All the features in the software are designed to do both manage workflows and perform administrative tasks.

Another boasting feature of our billing software is insurance verification to assure clients about revenue generation even before treatment is initiated. Many other features like insurance verifications, client notes insurance requirements, income/collections and reporting aids in boosting revenue cycle of our clients. 

Our unified suite of software enables cloud platform and can be accessed anywhere, anytime with the highest data security assured. We have designed the software user friendly for Mac, Windows and mobile as well to facilitate easy accesses on any device.

Patient Appointment Scheduler

It is time to kick the manual methods of fixing patient appointments. Bring in the new way for booking appoints for your long waiting queues of patients with patient appointment scheduler of billing4 psych. Not only you will save time and money with our scheduler; your patients are sure to fall in love with the convenience of online booking. Our behavioral health billing services provides easy online booking feature saves a lot of time in booking the appointment while all the vital information of the patient is recorded. Our best feature patient reminder reduces no- shows of patients to hospitals and staff can tasks the appointment for the day right. The scheduler further syncs with an integrated practitioner calendar ruling out missed information or error scheduling for patients. Our appointment scheduler makes connecting with the patients effortless as a number of appointments that can be made with the scheduler are unlimited with zero cost. Our robust scheduling tool aids your staff stay on top of the day, fixing everything right.

Our tools enable practitioner day with regards to patient appointments is utilized to the best. Be it, patients that visit the medical practice for the treatments or telemedicine patients, the appointments will be called at the right time reducing long waiting times too.

Insurance Plan & Benefit Verification

Billing4psych offers an insurance plan and benefit verification services to behavioral health billing companies as a part of mental health therapy billing services. Our services indulge in verifying active coverage with the registered insurance company preventing billing issues ahead. We handle an increasing number of insurance patients on your behalf.

Our years of expertise blended advanced functioning methodologies have a quick understanding of patients coverage even before they arrive for treatment. Our insurance benefits verification service work on increasing collections, reduce payments and boost patient satisfaction with your service.

We believe that success or failure of the medical practice starts at this juncture, and our work initiates the moment patient contacts the medical centre for treatment. Insurance companies are contacted immediately to get the required information for verification. Once the procedure specific coverage benefits are checked, the patients will be informed for out of pocket expenses they are about the encounter to complete the treatment cycle.

As a preventive measure of ageing of patient collections or becoming uncollectable, our expert team obtains all the referrals. Our end to end process in insurance verification keeps non-payment, delayed payments and rework at bay boosting your RCM.

Claims Follow-up

Claims follow up comes as a part of our psychotherapy billing services. We help you manage your in-house efficiency in handling claim management brings zero effect on your claim productivity. We billing4 psych have a patient ear for your concerns and works towards solutions to end you owes. Our claim management focuses on resolving issues related to fraudulent claims, reduce cost overruns and adds more time to your medical centre to focus on the core competencies.

Our expert team is trained to multiple adjunction platforms and embossed with comprehensive knowledge of various reimbursement models. We leverage this expertise of the team to ensure no delayed claims, fraudulent claims and duplicate claims affect the revenue cycle of the client. We know there is no one fits all approach in the claim follow-ups. We hear your business requirements to develop a customized approach determining crucial factors to drive results for your business success. 

We take an extra mile effort and develop a comprehensive communication plan and provide a client-specific training to ensure all our billing service operations will full supervision to offer you best services till your business become proficient and see the desired swing in RCM.


Billing4psych is offering EHR services helping mental healthcare services, facilitating transparency across the services provided. Our EHR software brings billing and patient engagement solutions to your medical centre and assists in aligning every role of medical practice at the right time with the right information.

Our EHR software facilitates easy management of patient health records and automates workflows of the day. We bring in customized templates for notes during the patient encounter for easy accesses when needed. 
EHR facility of billing4psych is designed to offer seamless integration of internal and external physicians to offer the best care for the patients who reach the medical centres and acts as a mental health billing clearinghouse. All the standardized information required to manage your patients is made available at a single platform. The system is configured to streamline operational activities of the business that translates into better collections and timely reimbursement from the insurance companies.

With our EHR software at your medical centers, physicians can have round the clock accesses to the patient’s health records, including digitally stored radiology images. Having easy and quick accesses to patient records any time, there is a reduction in possible errors during patient’s prescription, thus enhancing quality health care provided to patients. With the integrated scheduling systems, our EMRs turn to be an effective communication channel between patient and practitioner. The emergence of telemedicine in the technology-enabled EHR facility makes the quality patient care hassle-free irrespective of a number of consultations made in a day. 

Coding Services

Any insurance processing demands a quick submission of claims from the medical centre. We are here to help you at this juncture with our efficient coding services that are key in determining the rate of approval for your claims. We handle that immense need of submitting your claims with accurate coding facilitating faster processing of claims. We give due importance to accuracy at this juncture.

We are a medical coding specialist company and have experience in handling behavioral health coding requirements. We provide top-notch coding services aiming at increasing your reimbursement rates and boosting your revenue cycle. Medical coding services at billing4psych follows a predefined cycle like accessing patient charts-pre-coding- coding- quality check-submission of coded charts to client followed by client feedback. Our team has certified coders with domain experience resulting in providing accurate coding services to mental health care facility centers.

Our accurate coding services facilitate high-quality reimbursements eliminating costly mistakes like claim denials and compliance issues. The work of the medical coder is audited by knowledgeable auditor with requisite experience in certification as a procedural double-checking before claims are submitted. We always assure our clients zero denials of the claims due to coding errors, and we help you run the revenue cycle at top speed. 

Claims Submission

We take pride in announcing that our claim submission services are clean. As behavioral health medical billing, we know that small discrepancies in the claim submission can create redundancies and reworks can cost big for the medical centers. Our claim submission process scrutinizes claim submission and ensures that it complies with the new payment models and dynamic rules and regulations. We have a maximum claim acceptance rate for our customers. Our expert teams in coordination with the latest software tools produce claims that are fully reimbursed. Our success rate in the claim submission is visible across your revenue cycle. Billing4psych always thrives towards preventing incorrect billing, accelerating your revenue cycle to bring a positive impact on the revenue cycle in the shortest possible time. 

We have multiple levels of integration in place across your business revenue cycle to avoid duplication of work. Be it file sharing, Embedding edits into EHR, billing4psych have you covered.

Our claim submission services  offer high security with accuracy enabling faster submission of the claims within the time-bound to boost up revenue cycle. Before the claim is submitted to the insurance provider, we ensure claims are disclosed with the updated patient information, re-verify patient eligibility for claims before submission, undergo quality checks prior to submission.

Claims Denial Management

Claim denial management is one of our core competencies. Billing 4psych has a dedicated service to reduce your lost reimbursements or denials with perfect denial management procedures in place. Don’t ever let your denied claims unattended; it has a huge negative impact on your revenue cycle.

We systemically gather the data and incorporate proper procedures in place to eliminate denials and boost the revenue of your company. We have an eminent research team in place to gather important metrics and provide researched feedback to the claim provides to prevent the denials of the claim for the same reason in future. 

Our claim denial management process includes data collection from physician, payer and diagnostics to dig out the root cause of the denial and fix the same.

Mental health billing services help you with the denial management services at any juncture you need them.

Let us serve in handling your large number of unattended demined claims with rightly documented appeal letters and proper documents in place.

Patient Follow-up Denials cannot be from the insurance companies always, patients who have completed the treatment to fall in the loop at times. We have an executive team to handle the patient dues. Experienced staff will work on follow up with the patients to collect any missing information that is the cause of denial and collect the dues from the patient that are pending for payment. 

Insurance Payment Posting

Insurance payment posting is a key and final imperative step of the medical billing process. Denials and delayed payments of the medical practice can be addressed only after insurance and payment posting against patient’s accounts. We billing4psych are offering a suite of medical billing services to streamline insurance and payment posting delays of your medical practice and deliver the results without a glitch. We validate the entries against each account before they are posted to help your business receive accurate results in terms of revenue. We offer both electronic and paper insurance payment posting services covering the needs of both small and big mental care medical centers. Our services are not bound to payment posting; we analyze denials, overpayments and underpayments to keep your revenues on track. Our on-time posting services, you are assured of error-free posting, and quick reimbursements for patients impacts patient satisfaction as well.

Our accurate payment posting services are aimed at improving account receivable days of the client by maximizing revenue cycle. 

Our mental health billing California services also increase the accuracy of claim submission and also speeds up the resolution of denied claims.

Generate Patient Statement

Generate your patient statement and reduce costs while you save time. Our process starts once we receive a report from the payer. The statements generated at our end have a quick turnaround as you can leverage the technology of electronic billing and speed up the workflow of the medical centre. The statements can be mailed to patients to notify their dues and give time for their financial preparedness at the time of discharge. We generate easy to understand statements every week on a 30-day cycle to drive quick patient payments into the business. Our patient statements integrate with consumer payments solutions to enhance the patient collection. We are ready to co-ordinate with the patients to answer any queries and concerns regarding the patient statements generated. 

We know no one statement format fits the need of every business. We offer you customized patient statements. You are free to choose statement format as per your business needs, and our technical team customizes it for you in no time. We facilitate electronic statements for patient review and offers an easy electronic payments option too. Web-based billing software at mental health therapy billing services enables generating patient statement anytime and anywhere you want.

Weekly Progress Report

In the medical business, where a number of patients visit the practitioner every day, you should analyze how the medical business is performing financially. Here come our weekly progress report services to mirror you the financial performance of the medical centre. Our weekly reports enable you to monitor the financial track of the medical centre closely and take quick decisions on the repairs needs that turn inevitable.

In this fast-paced world, every hour counts, medical billing companies mental health offers a detailed weekly report every week so that you get deeper insights. Our weekly reports include accounts receivables, outstanding claims in progress, claims yet to be addressed to ensure smoother workflow of the organization. Our reports facilitate easy financial audit for your business. Our reports give you every detail on the denial analysis, procedure productivity, insurance reimbursement variance and adjustments made in this regard and you easily judge the performance of our medical billing services.

You can pinpoint anywhere to progress because the report holds every communication with the insurance payer with respect to claims so, that where insurance claims of each patient stand in the business revenue cycle. Our accurate payment posting services are aimed at improving account receivable days of the client by maximizing revenue cycle. 

Telehealth Billing Services

Many psychiatric care patients will not get accesses to medical services when they need it. Filling the gap between the shortage of medical professionals and patients emerged telehealth services in behavioural health. It has even turned out to be an effective way to rule out social stigma in people who choose not to get the treatment for visiting medical practitioner multiple times. Since the evolution of telemedicine path breaker in the behavioural health treatments has made many insurance companies partner with telemedicine services and form a suit to encourage telemental health services.

 What is telemedicine?

When a practitioner uses a phone or video to provide health care services, it is known as telehealth services. These health services over phone rules out many problems like the need for long waiting times, battle traffic to reach the medical centres and many more.

With this kind of technology services, you can easily get accesses to high-quality health care providers and these services have proven to be more effective in providing mental health treatments.

Bridges the shortages of mental health care professionals: Mental health is a vital aspect of quality life, and a shortage of mental health providers turn to be a big challenge in the major countries. With the emergence of telepsychiatry services coupled with insurance, mental health billing services make use of the latest technology like video chat and reach the patients online on a wider geographic range. The physiatric patients can now the treatment from their desired practitioner even when they stay miles away.

Makes the services more accessible to patients: The telemedicine services that are part of mental health billing services turn to be more advantageous as it makes health services more accessible to patients while adding the comforts of home. The treatment options are open for patients with mobility challenges, lack transportation to the medical practice or live in rural areas. 

Rules out social stigma: Many patients that suffer mental health problems but are not interested in visiting practitioners to get the treatment. Stigma still is a problem in some patients to get the treatment. Telehealth services may not fight the stigma directly but give you more options for privacy while getting the treatments.

How do telehealth services turn to be effective? The telehealth technology can be quite effective in evaluation and diagnosis of the patients. A health care provider can use this facility to observe, assess and screen the patients for the treatments. Patients can use it to consult the psychologists from remote and rural locations. The treatment process for behavioral health problems generally includes counseling and psychotherapy, which can be delivered to individuals groups or even families. As the patient is in easy reach for the doctor even during their stay in the rural areas, the practitioner can help patients with the medical regime needed. The practitioner will be able to take continuing care of the patients and help in improving outcomes.

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Billing4Psych has provided billing services for our company for over 8 years. Fair Winds is a residential treatment program for children and many of our services are not typical billing codes..Most of our clients have federally funded insurance with Medicaid as a secondary insurance. This can make billing difficult. Billing4Psych establishes a representative that handles your business and is your point of contact for all billing matters. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and medical billing knowledge. They have helped us in many areas of our business. Our cash flow is better and more consistent. We have been able to accept more insurance companies and our rates have remained affordable and without increase over the years. I recommend Billing4Psych for any practice and I think you will be happy with their services no matter how large or small your practice may be.

Julie Murphy
Business Manager
Fair Winds/ Murphy Homes Inc.

I have used Billing4Psych for the billing services for my full time psychotherapy practice for the last two and a half years. I find them to be very easy to work with and consistently responsive to my questions and concerns. The on line system they have designed is very efficient and works smoothly for me. Most importantly my accounts receivable have dramatically improved! I definitely recommend Billing4Psych.”

Susan Ford-Bunch, LCSW
Arvada, CO

My name is Barbara and I’m the owner of a group counseling practice in New Jersey. We were struggling with the insurance companies because they were sending us a constant stream of rejections. I knew we need help and so I contacted billing4psych. Our cash flow began to improve almost immediately. If not for billing4 psych, I don’t believe we would still be in business.”
licensed professional counselor

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