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Billing4psych is offering EHR services helping mental healthcare services, facilitating transparency across the services provided. Our EHR software brings billing and patient engagement solutions to your medical centre and assists in aligning every role of medical practice at the right time with the right information.

Our EHR software facilitates easy management of patient health records and automates workflows of the day. We bring in customized templates for notes during the patient encounter for easy accesses when needed.  EHR facility of billing4psych is designed to offer seamless integration of internal and external physicians to offer the best care for the patients who reach the medical centres and acts as a mental health billing clearinghouse. All the standardized information required to manage your patients is made available at a single platform. The system is configured to streamline operational activities of the business that translates into better collections and timely reimbursement from the insurance companies.

With our EHR software at your medical centers, physicians can have round the clock accesses to the patient’s health records, including digitally stored radiology images. Having easy and quick accesses to patient records any time, there is a reduction in possible errors during patient’s prescription, thus enhancing quality health care provided to patients. With the integrated scheduling systems, our EMRs turn to be an effective communication channel between patient and practitioner. The emergence of telemedicine in the technology-enabled EHR facility makes the quality patient care hassle-free irrespective of a number of consultations made in a day. 

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Billing4Psych is ultimate one shop for all you healthcare business needs offering robust managed solutions for Mental/Behaviorial Health Providers. No matter where you work in health care, you face unprecedented change with the shift to accountable care. Our technology can help you succeed.  B4P strives to assist providers in collecting revenue in a timely manner read more..


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