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Weekly Progress Report

In the medical business, where a number of patients visit the practitioner every day, you should analyze how the medical business is performing financially. Here come our weekly progress report services to mirror you the financial performance of the medical centre. Our weekly reports enable you to monitor the financial track of the medical centre closely and take quick decisions on the repairs needs that turn inevitable.

In this fast-paced world, every hour counts, medical billing companies mental health offers a detailed weekly report every week so that you get deeper insights. Our weekly reports include accounts receivables, outstanding claims in progress, claims yet to be addressed to ensure smoother workflow of the organization. Our reports facilitate easy financial audit for your business. Our reports give you every detail on the denial analysis, procedure productivity, insurance reimbursement variance and adjustments made in this regard and you easily judge the performance of our medical billing services.

You can pinpoint anywhere to progress because the report holds every communication with the insurance payer with respect to claims so, that where insurance claims of each patient stand in the business revenue cycle. Our accurate payment posting services are aimed at improving account receivable days of the client by maximizing revenue cycle. 

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Billing4Psych is ultimate one shop for all you healthcare business needs offering robust managed solutions for Mental/Behaviorial Health Providers. No matter where you work in health care, you face unprecedented change with the shift to accountable care. Our technology can help you succeed.  B4P strives to assist providers in collecting revenue in a timely manner read more..


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