Mental Health Billing Services in Wisconsin, WI

Treating mental health issues is complex. The practitioner has to invest a lot of time in providing quality care for the patients. Billing the treatments right is equally important as treatment procedures for surviving the medical practice. Relying on either of the jobs impacts the performance of the other. We are mental health billing company Wisconsin letting you focus on the earlier job while we handle the latter with great expertise. We process manual claims for the small mental health practice with personal notes and electronic claims as your business scales up.

Mental Health Billing Services in Wisconsin, WI

By serving the industry for a decade period now, we have gained profound experience in all aspects of mental health billing services Wiscons right from claim submission to negotiating with the insurance carriers for the right reimbursements. By outsourcing Wisconsin mental health billing services to billing4physc, you can continue to provide quality treatments for patients while collecting reimbursements for completed sessions.

We will have our user-friendly mental health billing software installed at your mental health care practice to streamline your billing and build your practice. We have automated reminders for each stage of claim processing to keep track of each application’s progress till it is closed for reimbursements. The userfriendly billing software provides quick insights into the performance of the revenue cycle, aiding us to take immediate actions as required to prevent denials of insurance claims due to delays.

Our expert mental health billing services Wisconsin serve as virtual assistants to your in-house team, rendering our expert assistance in mental health billing at an affordable cost. We always make an effort to improve the collections in the month as our charges stay in line with your earnings in the month over a standard package. We create a win-win scenario for both of us by charging a percentage over business earnings in the month.

Why mental health billing company Wisconsin?

We are expert and experienced Wiscons mental health billing services that help you manage the stressful financial elements of your mental health care practice. We have a unique blend of technology and elements that can greatly improve the income stream of mental health care practice with effective billing. We have an effective claim management system in place to fill the claims quickly without any errors. With our mental health billing services Wisconsin, the same-day claim submission. The claim is submitted to the insurance carrier electronically for multiple manual checks to eliminate the chances of manual errors.

We have a dedicated patient portal that saves a big deal of time for both patients and practitioners. The portal gets all the information related to treatment plans, records, and billing queries without the need to reach an insurance carrier. We clean the claims for you and get the insurance reimbursed on time. Our mental health billing software automates crucial activities to keep off from rejections that happen due to missing deadlines. We provide both on-demand and scheduled customized reports standing in line with your clinic’s billing needs.

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Billing4Psych has provided billing services for our company for over 8 years. Fair Winds is a residential treatment program for children and many of our services are not typical billing codes..Most of our clients have federally funded insurance with Medicaid as a secondary insurance. This can make billing difficult. Billing4Psych establishes a representative that handles your business and is your point of contact for all billing matters. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and medical billing knowledge. They have helped us in many areas of our business. Our cash flow is better and more consistent. We have been able to accept more insurance companies and our rates have remained affordable and without increase over the years. I recommend Billing4Psych for any practice and I think you will be happy with their services no matter how large or small your practice may be.

Julie Murphy
Business Manager
Fair Winds/ Murphy Homes Inc.

I have used Billing4Psych for the billing services for my full time psychotherapy practice for the last two and a half years. I find them to be very easy to work with and consistently responsive to my questions and concerns. The on line system they have designed is very efficient and works smoothly for me. Most importantly my accounts receivable have dramatically improved! I definitely recommend Billing4Psych.”

Susan Ford-Bunch, LCSW
Arvada, CO

My name is Barbara and I’m the owner of a group counseling practice in New Jersey. We were struggling with the insurance companies because they were sending us a constant stream of rejections. I knew we need help and so I contacted billing4psych. Our cash flow began to improve almost immediately. If not for billing4 psych, I don’t believe we would still be in business.”
licensed professional counselor

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