Mental Health Billing Services in North Dakota, ND

Both the treatments and management of bills are quite complex in behavioral health practices. As there is no standalone approach for the treatment and billing process, only experts in the field can do the job right. The protracted process of mental health billing could hamper the core operations of the practitioner, like providing quality health care if the billing process is in house job of the practitioner.

Mental Health Billing Services in North Dakota, ND

Why don’t you hire a billing expert like billing4physc, the mental health billing company North Dakota to keep your finances on track while you manage to offer quality health care? We fill the gap of skilled billing professionals at your practice and work on getting you full reimbursement for the services offered.

Our expert mental health billing company North Dakota, can effectively handle all mandatory claims protocols and prevent delays and denials. Medical coding is the key component of mental health care billing services. Our mental health billing services North Dakota team has profound coding knowledge. We also keep the team updated on changes in coding policies of behavioral health to ensure each claim is submitted error free for the first time and there is high approval rate for submitted claims. Mental health treatments include many procedures so, is the billing process. We mental health billing company North Dakota are backed by a decade of experience in billing procedures related to various treatments. Our mental billing services North Dakota have strong relations with the insurance carriers and have good knowledge of how mental health treatments are priced and reimbursed by the insurance providers. Our North Dakota mental health billing services team knows how to charge the treatment plans and get reimbursement for the service provided.

Why mental health billing company North Dakota?

Our mental health billing services North Dakota undergo constant change to meet the dynamic needs of the client. We support mental health practitioners in a wide array of specialties. We are the right choice to outsource mental health billing needs, whether you are walking to start an independent practice or expand the existing one. We have upgraded billing software that is specially tailored for the needs of mental health billing services. On outsourcing mental health billing services to our company, we integrate free software customized to your medical billing needs, and we can also scale up the software to aid your billing requirements. Our expert services are available at a fraction of the cost of your inhouse staff, and the staff will be freed up from administrative tasks and focus on the business’s core operations.

Our mental health billing services believe in accurate, timely billing and follow-up for account reimbursements. We have proven experience in billing both short and long-term care facilities. Our expertise in mental health billing will make zero front-end denials for your medical practice. Our software is featured with automated entries reducing the possibility of human errors in claim processing. We also indulge our team in out-of-network negotiations to get the right reimbursement for the services provided. Our timely follow-up ensures no dead claims and improves revenue cycle management efficiency.

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Billing4Psych has provided billing services for our company for over 8 years. Fair Winds is a residential treatment program for children and many of our services are not typical billing codes..Most of our clients have federally funded insurance with Medicaid as a secondary insurance. This can make billing difficult. Billing4Psych establishes a representative that handles your business and is your point of contact for all billing matters. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and medical billing knowledge. They have helped us in many areas of our business. Our cash flow is better and more consistent. We have been able to accept more insurance companies and our rates have remained affordable and without increase over the years. I recommend Billing4Psych for any practice and I think you will be happy with their services no matter how large or small your practice may be.

Julie Murphy
Business Manager
Fair Winds/ Murphy Homes Inc.

I have used Billing4Psych for the billing services for my full time psychotherapy practice for the last two and a half years. I find them to be very easy to work with and consistently responsive to my questions and concerns. The on line system they have designed is very efficient and works smoothly for me. Most importantly my accounts receivable have dramatically improved! I definitely recommend Billing4Psych.”

Susan Ford-Bunch, LCSW
Arvada, CO

My name is Barbara and I’m the owner of a group counseling practice in New Jersey. We were struggling with the insurance companies because they were sending us a constant stream of rejections. I knew we need help and so I contacted billing4psych. Our cash flow began to improve almost immediately. If not for billing4 psych, I don’t believe we would still be in business.”
licensed professional counselor

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