Mental Health Billing Services in Georgia, Ga

Are you worried your next insurance claim will not get approved because of another unknown reason? Do you think handling billing is adding an hour of tedious work to your already tiring working hours? If this is something you are worried about then it’s time for you to stop worrying! Billing4Psych provides you the highest-quality Mental Health Billing Services in Georgia by taking the difficult and time-consuming billing tasks, and aid in your productivity growth. This gives you time to concentrate on what matters most – your clients! With us, you can increase productivity while raising your revenue.

Mental Health Billing Services in Georgia, Ga

Numerous mental health practices have prospered because of our depth of expertise and dedication to each client. We have a solution for you whether you are a solo professional, a group, or a business. Our focus on mental health providers has given us insights that enable us to offer the practitioners and their clients the quickest, highest-quality service possible.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Claim Processing: We handle all technical protocols and industry standards that must be adhered to for an insurance claim because we are the experts in our field. We send the EDI claims through your EMR, implying that you can track everything from the first submission to the posting of payments in one location. Don’t waste time worrying about data entry mistakes in external systems.
  • Claim Submission: All of your claims are tracked and screened by us, and we quickly follow up with the insurance providers to have the claims approved. Within 24 hours of the receipt provision, claims must be lodged electronically. As soon as the claims show up as received, we follow up on it rigorously. This ensures that you will be paid on time. Everything is documented, so nothing is overlooked.
  • Multi Level Processing: We send any subsequent claims to the proper insurance providers if your client has more than one insurance provider. Processing claims for multi-level payments can be risky, but as a Mental Health Billing Company in Georgia with almost ten years of experience, we’ve seen it all before. Mental health service providers frequently experience payment delays or even nonpayment due to the difficulties of submitting the secondary claim after receiving funds from the first payer.
  • Client Billing and Reminder Calls: Every time a customer balance is due, statements are prepared and sent to the client. Our engagement in processing client payments received through various methods, including POS cash collections, checks, and credit cards (client portals), is extensive.
  • Appeals and Audit: We aim to complete meticulous work that is committed to appeals, and we have a system created specifically to handle audits. We have a track record of successfully collecting payments from clients during audits. It can take a lot of time to participate in an insurance provider audit, but we are here to help you at every stage of the procedure. With our Behavioral Health Billing Services you will successfully collect payment from clients during audits. It can take a lot of time to participate in an insurance provider audit, but we are here to help you at every stage of the procedure.

We recognize that you need more time for your customers and your expanding company. You will get both of those by working with us, as well as a peace of mind. We link you to your EMR system (which you are free to use), giving you the same level of transparency as if you had an internal biller. For all of your medical billing requirements, contact us right now.

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Billing4Psych has provided billing services for our company for over 8 years. Fair Winds is a residential treatment program for children and many of our services are not typical billing codes..Most of our clients have federally funded insurance with Medicaid as a secondary insurance. This can make billing difficult. Billing4Psych establishes a representative that handles your business and is your point of contact for all billing matters. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and medical billing knowledge. They have helped us in many areas of our business. Our cash flow is better and more consistent. We have been able to accept more insurance companies and our rates have remained affordable and without increase over the years. I recommend Billing4Psych for any practice and I think you will be happy with their services no matter how large or small your practice may be.

Julie Murphy
Business Manager
Fair Winds/ Murphy Homes Inc.

I have used Billing4Psych for the billing services for my full time psychotherapy practice for the last two and a half years. I find them to be very easy to work with and consistently responsive to my questions and concerns. The on line system they have designed is very efficient and works smoothly for me. Most importantly my accounts receivable have dramatically improved! I definitely recommend Billing4Psych.”

Susan Ford-Bunch, LCSW
Arvada, CO

My name is Barbara and I’m the owner of a group counseling practice in New Jersey. We were struggling with the insurance companies because they were sending us a constant stream of rejections. I knew we need help and so I contacted billing4psych. Our cash flow began to improve almost immediately. If not for billing4 psych, I don’t believe we would still be in business.”
licensed professional counselor

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Billing4Psych is ultimate one shop for all you healthcare business needs offering robust managed solutions for Mental/Behaviorial Health Providers. No matter where you work in health care, you face unprecedented change with the shift to accountable care. Our technology can help you succeed.  B4P strives to assist providers in collecting revenue in a timely manner read more..


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