Mental Health Billing Services in Alabama, AL

In the competitive market, do you want to be at the top of your practice and boost your revenue? Well you are in the right spot because at Billing4Psych is the top name when you are searching for the top behavioural health billing services near me. We first understand the reasons for your past denial and work on correcting those in order to smooth off the hurdle and work our way up to improving your revenue cycle with maximum incoming profits. We work on your KPIs in order to ensure how the profitability needs to develop.

Mental Health Billing Services in Alabama, AL

We tend to work hard on all your claims to get cleared quickly and do close consideration to the revenue cycle management (RCM) process leading to much better reimbursement and clear the unpaid or denied bill. Below are some of our best practices in Alabama mental health billing services that will surely be a stepping stone in your much efficient and quality RCM which make your cash flow better and safer.

Initial Verification: Our team first verifies the type of insurance provider we are dealing with during the initial eligibility verification itself and adds all the required details in the system so that the denial rates reduce. We ensure all the due payments are monitored regularly within the specific distance to ensure the payments are completed as quickly as possible. We ensure that the insurance covers the specified services you are providing and if not proper guidance is provided to the client.

  • Flexible service: With years of experience in providing mental health billing services Alabama, we are well aware of any type of services a client may need and we provide them with the best set of customised services which is most suitable with their very specific mental health billing requirement. Our team is all qualified experts so it’s always easier for us to adapt to your working system and work efficiently with the available resources in hand.
  • HIPAA Compliant: The billing industry is revolving with every passing day and with that we need to be well aware of the latest changes in the guidelines specified by the state. We have internal training sessions on a regular basis to ensure the team is up to date with all the HIPAA standards to be more compliant and efficient with our provided services. With such compliance in hand, your information is completely safe and secure in order to protect your data in any way possible.
  • Regular Updates: we provide you with the best software solutions, which in return gives you all the latest updates of all your claims in just a few clicks. Every step which we take in acquiring your claims to be submitted on time and get the fees on time is recorded and provided to you on a regular basis. This leads to a transparent working standard between both the parties and a clear communication. Our clients are always satisfied with such automations and clear communication paths making us the top mental health billing company Alabama.

Apart from the above mentioned services we are always on the top for ensuring our clients are satisfied and maintain long term clientele relations. In the industry with leading competition at every step of your growth, we provide you with expert guidance which leads to much higher revenue and more time for you to give your full to your patient care. We are the top choice of all your billing related worries. We understand you first then offer the best solution to all your problems. It’s time for you to trust us and lead your practice to the new heights of success.

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Billing4Psych has provided billing services for our company for over 8 years. Fair Winds is a residential treatment program for children and many of our services are not typical billing codes..Most of our clients have federally funded insurance with Medicaid as a secondary insurance. This can make billing difficult. Billing4Psych establishes a representative that handles your business and is your point of contact for all billing matters. We have been very pleased with their professionalism and medical billing knowledge. They have helped us in many areas of our business. Our cash flow is better and more consistent. We have been able to accept more insurance companies and our rates have remained affordable and without increase over the years. I recommend Billing4Psych for any practice and I think you will be happy with their services no matter how large or small your practice may be.

Julie Murphy
Business Manager
Fair Winds/ Murphy Homes Inc.

I have used Billing4Psych for the billing services for my full time psychotherapy practice for the last two and a half years. I find them to be very easy to work with and consistently responsive to my questions and concerns. The on line system they have designed is very efficient and works smoothly for me. Most importantly my accounts receivable have dramatically improved! I definitely recommend Billing4Psych.”

Susan Ford-Bunch, LCSW
Arvada, CO

My name is Barbara and I’m the owner of a group counseling practice in New Jersey. We were struggling with the insurance companies because they were sending us a constant stream of rejections. I knew we need help and so I contacted billing4psych. Our cash flow began to improve almost immediately. If not for billing4 psych, I don’t believe we would still be in business.”
licensed professional counselor

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