How billing4psych help single / Small providers?

Small medical centres always struggle to balance between offering quality health care treatments and maintaining healthy revenue cycle. Both are equally important for the sustainability of the medical centre. Quality health care services, however, remains to be the responsibility of the medical practitioner but maintaining revenue cycle turns to a complex job. When it is a small medical centre running a business for clients, hiring dedicated staff to handle the job can turn you can outsource your mental health billing services to billing4psych and rest assured about the claims being handled effectively on a timely basis. Here is how small providers will benefit from mental health billing services of billing4psyh.

1) Integrated software

When you outsource your billing services to the company, you will have free upgraded software installed at your medical centre. The integrated software enables you to schedule your patient appointments, track their reports at any time from anywhere. The payment posting service on a regular basis enables you to track where the revenue cycle stands.

2) Pre-approval of insurance

Many mental health care treatments need pre-approval from the insurance companies which otherwise will end up in denial of the claim. With pre-approval procedures, the practitioner will know the patient eligibility for the insurance and claim amount that will be covered. Any existence of coinsurance and co-payments will be notified to patients ahead of the treatment to show their financial preparedness.

3) Make you part of huge insurance network

The bigger your insurance network is wider your treatment reach to the patients as many of them are willing to pay their treatments through insurance. Billing4 psych makes you the partner of their huge insurance database, giving a chance to increase your treatment scope.

4) Claim submission and coding

Whether you are a single practitioner or small business, timely submission of insurance claims is very important for quick and effective processing. Outsource billing company supports both paper and electronic submission that follows the detection of errors at multiple levels preventing rejection or denial of claims. You will get effective coding for medical billing from expert team facilitating maximum reimbursement for each claim processed. Error-free coding also saves a great deal of time and also fastens your revenue cycle.

5) Rejection and denial management

Error is human. If your insurance claims are rejected or denied for any reason. Outsource billing company employs its effective rejection and denial management. The services look for the common reasons for refusal or denial of the claim and try to resolve them at the earliest to boost your revenue cycle. Effective follow up will be in place from the expert team until the ticket is closed.


On the whole, outsourcing your mental health care billing services will help you keep track of your patient’s health in addition to addressing your claims management. This will keep you in good books of your patients as well as boost your business revenue cycle.

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How billing4psych help single/Small providers?

How billing4psych help single / Small providers? Small medical centres always struggle to balance between offering quality health care treatments and maintaining healthy revenue cycle. Both are...

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